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The Social Impact of ICT September 16, 2014

BlackCoffee Post. Imagine if we don’t have cell phones nowadays to contact other people when we need their help immediately; what would we do? In the past, people had to send letters that would take a long time. Nowadays, technology that has been developing rapidly enables us to send and receive information almost instantly. Daily life must be associated with the use of technology as a tool to facilitate human activity, for example:  people are easy and quick to get information through television, send message to others via mobile phone, and go to other place using modern vehicles. Similarly, the development of information technology also has been very rapid progress since the invention of computers in the 1950’s. This development has several impacts. In this essay I will discuss about advantages of the development of technology in many aspects of humans’ lives.
Through technology people are getting easier to communicate with others. In terms of communications, each person would need the information, either give or receive information. In social communication, people easy to communicate with others anywhere and anytime. The existence of social networks can be used to establish relationships. Technology is used in the field of information and communication, such as mass media, television, radio, internet, and social network. The development of information technology makes the world like a space without limits. People from different countries in the world can communicate and share information regardless of time and space. This development is very influential in social life. Change of people’s behaviour will be more apparent today compared to the past. Ancient societies could communicate with others by letters to give the information to others in faraway places. Unlike the past, today, technology facilitates people to communicate, such as by phone, short message service, email, chat, etc. Technology will change the pattern of social life, for instance in the past, people used to do communication directly with others, but nowadays, people prefer doing long-distance communication to others using ICT device than doing face-to-face communication. This condition also can affect other sectors of humans’ lives.
The advantages are also evident in fields like business, education, and health. In the business field, in terms of trade, information technology development can be utilized for electronic commerce using Internet or a network known as the E-Commerce. The Internet is an inexpensive communication tool which allows communication between two people or more. In companies, needs of time and cost efficiency cause any business to expand by utilizing information technology. Applying information technology-based management system software became a thing to do, for example by implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). In the banking sector, several banking transactions can be done via the internet, commonly known as Internet Banking. Some of the transactions are made through Internet Banking, for example transfer money, bill payments, and account information. People as consumers will get the satisfying service from company that use ICT in management and service. In terms of learning in education, technology is often done in the form of audio, video, data processing, and the Internet. Capabilities and characteristics of the internet allows for long distance teaching and learning, called E-Learning. It is make people possible to learn and/ or teach anywhere and everywhere, such as study in long-distance education for person who stay far from campus or person who does not have enough time to go to campus. In the health sector, smart card system for patients can be used to determine the patient’s medical history. The patient’s medical history can be used for the determination of disease diagnosis so they will get an accurate treatment.
In summary, technological development affects the humans’ lives. People are easy to communicate with others. They also have alternative form and equipment of business transaction and good service form the bank or other public service company because the company is using ICT in management and service. People have big opportunity to get education and health service. Beside the examples above, there are other advantages of information development in humans’ lives and the development of information media will always continue following the information development.

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